Friday, February 29, 2008

Art Zone In Studio with Nancy Guppy

Hi there;
It's Nancy Guppy, your friend//daughter/sister/wife/daughter-in-law/sister-in-law/acquaintance, writing.

Thursday 2/28, is the first episode of a brand new weekly 30-minute TV show I'm hosting/producing called "Art Zone In Studio with Nancy Guppy". The show is 100% devoted to celebrating and promoting the local art scene. Each new episode will premiere at 8:00 on Thursday nights, with a repeat airing later that evening, and two more airings each on Friday and Saturday night.
The show will also stream on line:

I'm excited about the show and the potential we have to really dig in and shine a big 'ol bright light on Seattle's vibrant and rich arts and culture scene. In this first episode we profile artist Lynne Saad, visit the "Gates of Paradise" exhibit at SAM, talk film with Robert Horton, and highlight a number of events happening around town.

I hope you can tune in, either on regular TV or online.

Thanks so much.
Art Rocks!
xo, nancy g.


Information and letter provided by Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle. Thanks Catherine for sharing this news.

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