Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seattle Art C.A.R.D

Are you an artist in Seattle who spends many rigorous hours a day in the studio creating beautiful art? Are you a collector who needs help keeping up with emerging artists and cataloguing new acquisitions? Are you a small art-business owner trying to make an impact on this city’s art scene? La Familia is happy to present to you C.A.R.D., a revolutionary new way to participate in the arts, build a creative career, and develop a successful small business through the sharing of resources and the support of community.

This innovative new program allows artists, collectors, and art professionals to share information, build events, network, and play together. Membership gives you access to professional services, yoga classes, concerts, lectures, and opportunities. Not only that, but it has been designed to facilitate its existing community as well as to be open to artists, collectors, and art programs just getting started.

This ground-breaking new community gives you what is required to be competitive in today’s creative marketplace. To learn more about C.A.R.D., please visit

Don’t let your career stall because you can’t afford proper documentation services, editing, website development, professional coaching, or community support. You don’t have to do it all yourself, let La Familia Gallery’s C.A.R.D. community help. There really are clear steps one can take to get ahead in Seattle’s Art World, and C.A.R.D. is ready to dish out the details.

La Familia Gallery LLC, located at 117 Prefontaine Place South in the artist district of Pioneer Square, is dedicated to furthering the celebration and visability of the arts across cultures and communities. Founded in 2005 by Lanae Rivers-Woods, La Familia consists of four departments: Fine Art, Music, Literature, and Life Enrichment.

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